Sunday, September 26, 2010

This and That

This is Braden when I stayed with him a week or two ago.  I gave him his bath, then dressed him in the green outfit since I had not seen him in green.  And his onesie said, "Daddy's Caddy" which I thought was cute.

Tamara came to CC with Abby to have her hair cut.  They and Paige ate out at noon and spent the afternoon which I was really jealous about.  When Braden was awake, I told Tam and Abby that he was starting to smile.  Then my mom saw him on Saturday morning and said the same thing, so I was not crazy.   I know it looks kind of ridiculous with me holding the car seat, but we had forgotten to take a picture of his first trip to Clay Center, and he was already buckled in and we weren't about to take him out for a picture. (Yes, I got my hair cut.  I think I like it.)

Some of you might be wondering about the Walking Tacos.  We had a great day and raised over $300 which will help pay for our national and state dues as well as our t-shirts.  The kids did were diligent but I forgot to take a picture of the group until just before the parade and I only had one around.  I sent the others, and eventuall her, to watch.  I was just happy to sit.  The weather went from cold and almost sprinkling to hot.  One of our member shouted for about two hours, "Walking tacos, come get a walking taco.  Help support FCCLA."  I figured the Celebrate Recovery booth beside us was about ready to scream or return to an old habit, but they were great and very understanding of our middle schoolers.


  1. I'm so glad you chose the onesie Russ and I got him AND you took a picture! I hadn't seen him in it.

  2. Cute hair. Cute little guy, too! And I'm always good for something green!! :)

  3. I agree with Mom: Braden looks different already. Open eyes in both photos. He's growing up. I'm impressed with your official-looking walking taco banner also.