Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taco in a Bag Anyone?

    I am getting a daily reminder of why I am not in the business of providing food for the masses this week.  We have a club time at CCCMS now, so I thought, "Why not start an FCCLA chapter?"  Since I gave up my club time of SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) where the kids and I brought a book and read (I know, what was I thinking), we are now planning money making activities, t-shirts, community service, etc.  Our local fall festival, Piotique, is on Saturday and the chamber of commerce guy says no one is selling tacos in a bag.  My group was all over that!  There is only one tiny little problem.  They are also in band, drill team, etc. so it has been interesting scheduling their times to work.  They are enthusiastic, just have to be at Medicalodge from 9-10 for dress rehearsal, then at noon the performance on the courthouse square, then in the parade at 2pm.  Last weekend I browned 40 pounds of hamburger.  I have no idea how many to anticpate selling.  So if you are in CC, come on over and support our group because anything you eat I don't have to carry back out.

On another note, Braden will be at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Friday.  His mom is getting a haircut at noon and her hair dresser is having an open house later in the day.  Aunt Abby is making the trip with her.  I will need to zip out of school to get my holding time in!


  1. Getting paid to read? You're right ... what WERE you thinking! Hope the fundraiser goes well and there are tacos walking all over on Saturday.

  2. I love the picture of Braden. Cute idea.