Monday, July 12, 2010

Working Girl and a Shower

I have a new working gig for July, answering the telephone and other assorted tasks at the radio station.  I am job sharing this which is the best!  So for now, I am at the office on Monday and Thursday, and 1/2 days on Friday.  I don't know much, but my right hand man, Chelsie, is just a shout away. 

This Saturday was the last shower for Baby Bauer.  It was at the Leadership Building on the KSU campus and was hosted by co-workers and friends of Tamara.  She again got many lovely gifts.
We had another ice cream cake at the shower which is my absolute favorite.   It was a two course shower with the first one being chips and salsa, fruit, and the best sushi I have ever eaten.  It was homemade by Candy who works with Tamara and she uses her grandmother's rice recipe.  She had salmon and cream cheese, asparagus and crab meat, and avocado and shrimp sushi. 
The moms got together for a picture before it is all about Larry in the pictures.
And the aunts with Tamara.  Abby was coaching softball on Saturday, so she missed that shower.

Five weeks from today is the due date.  Exciting!!

Blake came back for a friend's birthday party, and we went with him to the lake on Sunday.  The lake is really high, but we could get in at the military arena.  No pics.  Just fun to spend time with Blake.

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  1. Congrats on the new job! Sometimes it is fun to do something completely different! The little mother looks wonderful!!