Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Read

     Tamara loaned this book to Abby and Paige, then I read it too.  The KSU freshmen all received a copy at orientation in June.  They are supposed to read it and then the professors will refer to it in classes this coming year.  It was a good book about the US after the present government is no longer in existence.  Nominees are sent from each region to the capitol to participate in televised games where the contestants use brawn and brains to fight to the death until one contestant remains.  The heroine in the novel takes the place of her younger sister to participate for her district.  It is a fast, easy read but very thought-provoking.  I commend the selection as something most students would read and there are many social and cultural aspects that would make for good discussions.

Tamara has the second book in the series, Catching Fire, and the third, Mockingjay, is to come out August 24.  She said the second book was as good as the first. 


  1. Abby told me about this at the Miss Kansas pageant, so I am on the list at the library. I have a recommendation for you. I just finished "The Mountain Between Us" by Charles Martin. I really liked it.

  2. I have been pushing this book all year. My Sophs who have read it--loved it!! (Though they were all a bit mad at the end of the 2nd one!) I'm with is very thought provoking!