Thursday, July 15, 2010


Woohoo!!  The last half of our master's class group presented their portfolios yesterday, then we met at Coco Bolo's in Aggieville to celebrate.  The two guys, Jennifer C., and Tami whose due date was yesterday were the only ones not there.  After meeting for four hours every Wednesday night, we know each other pretty well.  There were about seven of us that then went to Kite's to eat, but instead decided to go over to So Long Saloon to eat.  I briefly stopped by Blake and Tamara's and they said, "Mom, were you bar-hopping?"  I said, "Yes we were, I guess."  Anyway, a great time with a great bunch of people.  I won't miss going to the classes, but I will miss the people in the class. 


  1. Barhopping, eh?!! Just a kid at heart!! :) (If they only knew what barhopping is like at our age!-- Well, at least my age!)

  2. One of the younger girls was upset that she wasn't carded! But it was afternoon and early evening, and she was with people old enough to be her mother.

  3. Sounds like a wild time in the Little Apple!