Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fair Week

It's fair week in Clay County and although we don't have a 4-Her anymore, it is fun to go to the fair and watch the other kids.  You can tell who actually has been at the fairgrounds all day, and those like us who breezed in for the hog show.  The morning started out with a wet check-in and progressed to steaminess, so those who spent the day at the fair tended to look a little limp.

But first things first, we ate at the food stand.  There is a fantastic food stand at the fair with more offerings than most.  I had the taco in a bag, Kyle had a taco salad, and Abby had the grilled fajita wratp.  I used to be able to eat my way through the fair during the week, but I probably won't spend enough time down there this year to do that. 

Then Kyle bought a funnel cake on the way to the arena to watch the hog show.  Some of the kids really know what they are doing, and some actually run, which is not a recommended show technique, to keep up with their hog.  Kyle and Abby tried to pick the first and second from each weight class, betting a $1 for each, and Abby only came up $2 short.  Good luck collecting, Kyle!

Then we had a guests after the show at the house, one works with Kyle and has kids exhibiting hogs, while the other is from Nebraska, is on the radio every day, and had sold the hogs to the family.  Then the Nebraska chap and his daughter were on their way to Pratt to watch the hog show there at 8 am.  Good grief, that was an early departure that I missed.

Fair week isn't about sleeping.

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