Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Race

So my couple is out of the Amazing Race. They were kind of the leftovers since Kyle picked the brothers and two other fairly strong teams had been picked by Russ and Paige. Now I wish I had picked the former Miss America and her husband. My Mika/Canaan team were consistently in the bottom half, then last night was the icing on the cake when she wouldn't go down the water slide and they lost to the Globetrotters. Good grief! Did she think everyone was stacked up dead at the bottom of the water slide? Did she think that she would really be passing through a shark tank and not through a clear tube? Why didn't Canaan just shove her down the slide? Or ride down it together like Kyle did with the lady at Oceans of Fun? Anyway, it is just as well that they are gone.

Busy week with parent/teacher conferences tonight, Taste of Home cooking school tomorrow, thirty people at our house for dinner on Wednesday for KCLY winning Small Market Station of the Year (no master's class this week), jr. high girls basketball and high school football on Thursday, and a Brownback fundraiser on Friday. We should be home on Saturday, and I have my treats purchased for trick-or-treaters. Now if I would only remember to DVR my favorite shows!! I always remember too late. Oh well.

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  1. I was ready to throw her down the slide myself!