Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Weekend and More

I am a little late posting about our big weekend. We were up bright and early on Sat. (left at 5am) for Champaign, IL which is about two hours south of Chicago. Our good friend, Randy Carlson's daughter, Dana, was getting married that day. We traveled like the good Bauer time makers that we are and arrived at about 2:30. The wedding was at 4:30 and the reception with a dinner and dance followed. We knew Randy's family and Rocky, Kim, and family were there. It was also good to see Dana's mom, Libby, and her high school children. We left Champaign at 10:15 with Cord and the girlfriend in tow because Suzi and Randy were taking Reid on to school in Michigan. They were great about traveling in the Bauer fashion and we were back in Clay Center at 6:30. One thing that made the time pass more quickly was that I went to the library and got a book on CD, Marley and Me. It took over 9 hours to listen to that. Even the kids at least didn't complain about listening to the second half- at least not to us! Which makes me realize all too late that we should have been traveling with other people's kids instead of our own all these years. No complaints from the back seat.

Busy day today with Kyle going to El Dorado for a Taste of Home Cooking School and I am doing the book and clock for 7th grade volleyball. Then the PEP is hosting a hamburger feed at the stadium, so I will go out there and watch some football, and stay to help clean which is a project of the 8th grade to raise money for the World's of Fun trip in May.

Plus Happy 50th to Marilyn today (Pig-Out at school in her honor) and to my niece, Jill, for her 24th birthday.

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