Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Season Review

I have been eagerly awaiting the new TV season.  I have to wait one more day for Modern Family and The Middle.  Colby and Bridgette got me started on these when they talked about DVRing them since we met for our classes every Wednesday.  Now that we are done, they are not to be missed shows.   Eric Stonestreet wearing a PowerCat lapel pin to the Emmy's was just icing on the cake.  A couple of new shows I have watched are:

1.  Up All Night

I thought I might like this show given the recent additions of Braden and Neelly to the family.  However, I thought it was terrible.  The parents must have used a lot of bad language because they put bleeps in front of their mouths like that was supposed to be funny.  I didn't make it a half hour with this show.

2.   Two Broke Girls

I thought this one last night on CBS was kind of funny.  The blond has recently lost a bunch of money and the dark haired girl never had any money.  The work as waitresses in Brooklyn.

3.  Two and a Half Men

We watched this last night.  It was funny only if you like thinking about Ashton Kutcher running around naked in a house, and maybe you do.  Not sure I did. 

Tonight - Glee, Parenthood, Body of Proof, Biggest Loser, my DVR will be spinning!

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