Monday, July 18, 2011

Neelly's Baptism

Neelly was baptized Sunday, July 17, at the Clay Center United Methodist Church.  It is the same church both her parents were baptized in as babies, so that is a special connection for both sides of the family.
Four generations picture with Neelly's great-grandmother, Janis Neelly Moore.
With both my parents.
Our family, including the boyfriend.  We told Derek we could photo shop him out later if we needed to.  I think he and Abby saw the humor??
Neelly with her cake.  As always, when I order cake I have about twice of what we need, but it was pretty and delicious.
Neelly on the quilt that she received from the church at her baptism.  A group of dedicated women in the church make quilts for people who need special prayers and they have started making quilts for babies who are baptized too.  Neelly's has a pretty heart design.

Braden learned to drink out of a straw.  He caught on really fast and was a big fan of the punch.
Love having a full lap with these two wiggle-worms.  What fun it is!


  1. I love your lap full of love! They both are adorable!