Friday, July 15, 2011

Chicago - Day 3

We started the day with a river side brunch at Chicago Cut with Darci's friend from grade and high school, Kaye Lynne and her husband.   It was delicious and once again beautiful outside.
 Then we went to a park to look at the merchandise at an art fair.  I don't think we bought anything, but saw some neat art.
 The Chicago Art Institute was close and although we had been in past visits, we decided to visit again.  It is interesting to see some famous art in person.
 Then we visited a Polish Catholic church of which I have no pictures, got some yogurt in a shop like Orange Leaf, and relaxed before heading back to the Damon Street train stop.  This is a look down the tracks before we got on.  The track are elevated which is a little hard to see in the picture.  It is about 8 blocks from Darci's and an easy way to get back to O'Hare.  I would recommend using it if you need to get downtown from the airport. 
The plane ride back to Manhattan was uneventful and really neat as we went past Jefferies Energy, the Wamego area, and finally Manhattan.  It was easy to distinguish landmarks from the air since we were coming in to land.  I especially enjoyed seeing KSU from the air.  But the BEST part was landing at 9:05, leaving the airport at 9:20, and getting home at 10:05.  Plus there is no parking fee and the lot is an easy walk from the terminal.  I know sometimes it won't work out and I will have to go to Kansas City, but I will definitely pay a little bit more for the convenience and when you figure the cost of gas and parking, it might not be too different.

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