Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nursery Buddies

Paige, Neelly, and I traveled to Bodeville, north Mayday, to see Colby and Jayde Richter.  The girls were born a day apart, Jayde on April 5 (on left) and Neelly on April 6.  Their hair is amazingly alike but I think Jayde has the edge on weight gained.  Jayde was 9# 2 oz. at birth and Neelly was 9 # 3 oz. so it was fun to see them together.   Paige and Colby had the chance to talk about their birth stories and I got to hold babies, so it was a win-win afternoon.  It was kind of hard to get a picture of the wiggly worms.
By the time we were traveling home, Neelly thought it was time to eat, so she was an unhappy baby.  Hopefully it won't scar her for life.

The new mommies with their babies.  Fun times!


  1. Your sequence of pictures is hilarious! They really were wiggle worms! =)

  2. The second one looks like they are trying out for the CC cheer team!