Sunday, May 1, 2011

Look Alike Day

Saturday was Mom's Day at ADPi in Manhattan.  The moms and girls were encouraged to dress alike.  Now I must say that Abby and I have never really been what anyone would call mother/daughter look alikes.  In fact, when she was younger, people who didn't know us well would ask who I was babysitting and they meant Abby.  Abby and her cousin Jenna would go with Lori, Kyle's sister, though, and people would assume that Abby belonged to her.  So Abby wore her glasses and we both wore black pants.  We had a deliciious lunch with a strawberry salad, margarita chicken, wild rice, green beans, and for dessert a sugar cookie with bowls of frosting on the table.  Our group ended up sitting in the back because the girls saving seats didn't get quite enough and another girl's grandmother ended up coming but I think we had a better time in the back with Jackie Orpin and Katy Zapletal's moms.  We did a fun "how well do you know your daughter/mother" quiz at the table and Abby and I did pretty well.  After the lunch, we went to Blake and Tamara's for some Braden time and I helped Tamara plant her first vegetable garden.  When I got back to CC, I helped with the playground being built in Dexter Park.  I looks like it will be a lot of fun for Braden and Neelly.

Now I am watchiing Real Houswives of Beverly Hills, but thinking there surely is a better way to spend my time, so adios.

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  1. Abby forgot her cardigan. Then you would have looked just like twins, right?!