Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 Years

Today is our 31st anniversary.  It was hot and windy in Pratt that day, but later around here there was a storm and the last rain of the summer.  When you look at the reports, often 1980 is the record high temperature. 
Here is the wedding party.  The girls are my friend, Cindy Stratford LaFleur, Lori (Kyle's sister), my sister Kim, Brenda Neelly Black (cousin and friend) and my sister Darci.  The men are Roy Speer, Brad Butterfield (Lori's husband), Matt Forkner, Eric Carlson, and my brother, Kent.  The little kids are Kyle's cousin's girl, Amy Stoffel, and my cousin's boy, Justin Moore.  They are both old and married, in fact, Justin is a doctor in Wichita.  They were great during the ceremony.  And yes, the tuxes are burgandy which my kids think is so funny.
My parents and Kyle's parents with us.  

Thirty one years sounds like a long time - I guess it is, but it has been fun with three kids and now two grandchildren. 

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