Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TV on Tuesdays

Kyle went to play bridge/poker some kind of man card games, so I watched a little TV tonight.  The first program I watched was Glee.  I think I used to like it better.  The episode was about teenage drinking and it was just a little odd to mix that with singing.  I did enjoy the song at the first of the episode with the friend of Kurt's, Blaine maybe?, and Rachel sang - "Don't You Want Me?"

Then I switched over to NBC to watch the second half of Biggest Loser.  These people lose fantastic amounts of weight, but I don't know what the statistics are with them keeping the weight off.  Kuddos to anyone who will wear a sports bra and spandex shorts and get weighed in front of national TV.  Especially since the chances of an individual really getting the big money isn't all that great.

I will end the night with Parenthood.  I like this show about an extended family and their trials and tribulations.  One interesting thing I read was that Adam Braverman and Sarah Braverman (brother and sister on the show) are really boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever you call involved people now.  There are just a lot of different situations and the show tends to focus on different people on different weeks. 

It is all just a warm up to tomorrow night with The Middle and Modern Family.

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