Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snow Day

Paige, Neelly, Abby, and I decorated cookies this afternoon. Actually, I made the cookies and Paige and Abby did most of the decorating. I told them to find some of their favorites for the blog.  I know you can all see it, but the one on the right is a Powercat.

Here we have a United Methodist cross and flame, a tree, and the Star of David.  We are an eclectic group.

The poor snowman on the left met the neighborhood dog.  Drats!

And this girl would not nap!  But she was pretty happy in the jumper.


  1. Impressive! Save me one or two!

  2. Too much fun. I remember a year where some of the Mr.'s assistant football coaches (single) helped the girls decorate cookies. The girls were probably 5 and 3. I had to hide the anatomically correct Santas and Reindeer. I prefer the UMC cross! Neelly is adorable!