Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Car

I've been in a bit of a blog funk lately.  There doesn't seem to be too much going on, so I am going to do some flashbacks into the past. In honor of Kyle's birthday (Jan. 24) here is a picture of his first car.  It is a 1973 LeMans and it is the car he wishes he still had.  The interesting thing to me is the gold truck.  It was fairly new then and recently has been more inclined to blow dark smoke out the back with iffy brakes.  Anyway, the report I get is that this car was fast although I never personally rode in this car.  Also notice the CB antennae.   It was the thing to have at the time.

This is the first car I remember - the Monte Carlo.  We drove this after graduating from college too.  I really liked this car, and the hood seemed to go on forever.  Kyle is standing in front of the trailer we bought to move to Morganville to be our first home the hottest year of the century - 1980. 

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