Friday, July 10, 2009

Beets and a Funeral Dinner

I had not planted beets in my garden for a number of years. No real reason because Kyle and I both like them and they are pretty easy to deal with, just didn't do it. This year I put my extra beets up as pickled beets - 10 half pints worth. I didn't really can them, just have them in my basement refrigerator but I think they will be OK for quite a while. Aren't they a pretty color? Abby came home and said that it smelled worse than skunk in the kitchen when I was boiling them to slip the skins. Now I don't really think that is true, but at least she won't be trying to eat them all up.

I helped serve a funeral dinner today for an elderly man and his wife who died in a car accident earlier this week. There were about 100 people there, and they didn't get back from both burials until 1:15 (second marriage for both so they weren't buried in the same cemetary). The crew who usually works the dinners seemed to think we needed to use the real glasses. But of course, I was the one running the dishwasher. There were some really good looking salads there, but no leftovers. Just glad there was enough for them.

This weekend we will be at the lake home of some friends. It will be fun and happy!
Tootles, LB

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