Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Weekend

The weeks roll on fairly quickly.  This weekend I went to Manhattan on Saturday to keep Braden while Tamara was giving a horse riding lesson.  Blake was at his 151st bachelor party.  My goodness, surely his friends will all be married soon! 

Braden and I first went to Hobby Lobby to get fabric for stockings and some Christmas things.  He was a good boy in the cart.
Note to his parents, I did use the cart cover thing behind him until he had to get out for a bit and then it went behind him. 

Then we were going to go to the zoo in Manhattan, but they don't open until noon during the winter and I thought that was too late to have a good time and take a nap.  So we went to McDonalds for our treat.

Note to parents - he had milk instead of pop.  The downside was he wanted to hold it himself and that wasn't so successful.  Also you can still faintly see the mark on his cheek which is a bite from a boy at the babysitter's.  Better the bitten than the bitee I guess.
Then we went home for a little play time and nap. 

In the evening, I fixed soup and we went to Paige and Russ's for the KSU game.  Neelly was really excited even though she forgot to wear purple.  I told Paige I have a hundred pictures with this expression in different outfits.

Then Paige helped and the Wildcats had a good play, and we got these.

Not to worry.   One of her favorite things to play with is the infant Tylenol bottle you see.  Or the wipes wrapper on the left hand side. 

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  1. Adorable! Both of them! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.