Sunday, April 10, 2011

Four Generations

My parents and sister came to see Neelly yesterday so we took some four generation pictures.
Four generations of girls.  Might need to try again on that one sometime!

My sister from Stafford came with Mom and Dad so she could meet Neelly and have some cuddling time.

Blake, Tamara, and Braden also showed up and I had not taken a picture of Neelly with Tamara yet.

The new family is getting along well.  She slept as well as you can hope the first night at home.  It is fun to have both a boy and a girl to spoil now.


  1. It was sure fun to get to cuddle with Neelly ... oh yeah ... and to see the rest of you guys, too.

  2. She's a sweetie! Your sister and you look soooo alike! Are you twins??

  3. Congratulations to the family and you grandparents!